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Relationship Selling Skills | Pithon

Relationship Selling Skills

Why use this programme?

In today’s global markets with information more freely available than ever before and more competition, the only way to differentiate yourself from others is by the quality of your dealings with prospective and existing clients. Yet there are still thousands of people in sales roles who quake with fear at the thought of selling and thousands of potential customers who are turned off by inappropriate sales techniques.

This workshop will help you look at selling from the customer’s perspective so that you can understand what needs to be done to help them want to buy. The programme will provide you with a sound base of understanding and the opportunity to practice the kind of techniques that clients love and that the most successful sales people have perfected!

AIMS – an overview of the purpose of the programme

  • To prepare participants to apply their communication and sales skills effectively in business development situations by creating an awareness of needs-based selling techniques and an opportunity to practice those techniques.

OBJECTIVES – the specific learning outcomes for participants

By the end of the training programme you will be able to:

  • Describe the customer purchasing process and the skills the seller has to demonstrate to help the customer through the stages.
  • Define the three channels of human communication and use them effectively in undertaking a sales interview.
  • Explain what motivates customers to buy and how this can be impacted by customers’ life styles.
  • Distinguish between customer explicit, implicit and hidden purchasing needs.
  • Demonstrate, in a given situation, the use of effective questioning and communication skills to identify customer needs and present to the customer how the organisation’s products can satisfy those identified needs.
  • Describe and differentiate between the features and advantages of products and present benefit statements for those products that will meet individual customer needs.
  • Describe the main customer objections when making a sales pitch and explain the six step process for dealing with those objections.
  • Demonstrate, in a given situation, applying the six steps to overcome a customer objection.
  • Demonstrate techniques that help the process of closing the sale.
  • Define effective handover processes that maintain the customer focus and continue to provide excellent, seamless customer service after the sale.
  • Develop an action plan detailing development goals, future development actions and support needed.

Duration: 3 Days