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What kind of coaching services does PITHON offer? | Pithon

What kind of coaching services does PITHON offer?

  • We can provide coaching as part of an integrated programme of training and development.

    When people return to the workplace after training, or during a change of duties or role, they frequently lack the confidence to apply what they know immediately. Coaching can help develop the confidence to regain control of their duties more quickly.

  • We can provide coaching to people requiring to develop their performance in a particular area

    Sometimes, when people are not generating the results required of them, they require support to enable them to isolate where improvement is needed. Coaching can help identify where the shortfall lies and can often save on time and budget by focussing training in the right areas and improving performance more quickly.

  • We can provide an ongoing coaching relationship to senior people as part of their own self-development and life-management programmes

    We all need someone to turn to for reassurance and support. Being in a senior role in an organisation does not reduce this need – many say it increases it. The wide ranging responsibilities of senior people mean that an external perspective can often add great value. An external coach will raise those issues that insiders consider to be too obvious – frequently the answers are not as obvious as they had been assumed to be!

  • We can provide coaching as part of a mentoring programme

    Mentoring programmes can improve performance by providing reassurance, all-round development and confidence building. Coaching forms a valuable element of mentoring by ensuring that mentees identify areas where they need to develop themselves and follow a challenging but achievable strategy to make those improvements.

  • We can provide training and coaching in coaching skills

    Whilst more and more organisations are recognising the potential that coaching creates for improving business results, few have people who have been trained to coach effectively. Coaching is a learnable skill set. Once mastered, the skills of the coach can be applied in many situations in any business.

Surely you can only coach on subjects in which you are an expert

This is an understandable perception – but it is incorrect! Because the essence of coaching is that the coachee discovers the solutions for themselves, there is no real need for the coach to be a subject matter expert. For example, we have coached bankers, chemists, motor car dealers and insurance executives but we are not experts in any of those industries.

Doesn’t Coaching Require a Big Investment in Time?

It takes some time in the early stages as coaches and coachees develop a sound coaching relationship. However, the whole idea of coaching is that the coachees become self-sufficient more quickly so the dependence on the coach will reduce – sometimes very quickly. Where coaching is carried out effectively, time is ultimately saved, not consumed!

So, if Coaching is so Powerful, why doesn’t everyone do it?

We believe the ever-present requirement to achieve quantifiable targets often leads organisations to assume that time spent coaching is a diversion rather than a means to achieving those targets. It is rather like the woodman whose axe became blunt. He had such stretching targets that he felt he could not spare the time to sharpen his axe. It may help to think of coaching as being the process of “sharpening the personal axe” of an individual.

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