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Managing Change | Pithon

Managing Change

Why use this programme?

Are you affected by change or perhaps you are also responsible for change? Why is it that people so often make a mess of change initiatives? Why are people so resistant to change? What are the most common reasons for problems during changes in business? How can you avoid falling into well-camouflaged traps when you are responsible for change?

This workshop looks at what happens to people when change takes place and proposes a number of simple techniques that anyone can use when driving change or when they are the recipient of change. This programme is for anyone who wants to find change less painful and make it more beneficial.

AIMS – an overview of the purpose of the programme

  • To enable participants to compare the way change is led, managed and experienced in their organisation to best change practice and suggest ways in which the organisation could enjoy more benefits from the change process in future changes.

OBJECTIVES – the specific learning outcomes for participants

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the concepts of change, change management, project management and change leadership
  • Describe the four Phases of the “business change” process
  • Identify the six organisational components that have to be in synergy for change to be successful
  • Name the nine key reasons why change initiatives fail and identify ways of avoiding them in their organisations
  • Describe the relationship between competence and confidence and explain how the way these are managed impacts the degree of success of a change initiative
  • Develop guidelines to ensure that their organisation gains the benefit in future changes of its experience in all four phases of the change process

Duration 3 days