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Project Management | Pithon

Project Management

Why use this programme?

In this era of continuous change and chaotic working circumstances, the skills needed to keep a project clearly focussed and on track make the difference between success and failure, hitting time and budget or suffering “project creep”.

This workshop will provide you with simple, pragmatic techniques to plan and run projects effectively, increasing your chances of staying on track, on time and on budget.

AIMS – an overview of the purpose of the programme

  • To enable participants to gain a detailed understanding of the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects.
  • To enable them to apply this understanding to a real project of their own choice, either to plan the project or to critique and suggest improvements to an existing project.

OBJECTIVES – the specific learning outcomes for participants

By the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • Define project management and describe the differences between project management and managing “business as usual”.
  • Identify the five stages of project management.
  • Describe the component parts of each of the five stages to project management.
  • Produce a project definition report of a given project identifying project goals, objectives, scope, responsibilities, risks, assumptions and monitoring processes.
  • Develop a project plan for a given project, identifying tasks, critical path, milestones and check points.
  • Identify monitoring and control activities.
  • Describe the processes and identify the issues involved in embedding projects into business as usual.
  • Participate in a simulated project management exercise and from it identify areas of strength and aspects of their skills to be further developed.

Duration: 2 Days