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Effective Training Skills | Pithon

Effective Training Skills

Why use this programme?

If you asked a group of past delegates on your programmes, would they say that your training is exciting, focussed on the business, stimulating and useful? Are people ever bored in your sessions? How clear is the purpose of your training sessions? How successfully do they achieve that purpose?

This workshop will enable you to practice techniques and run training sessions that help learning to take place in a way that is stimulating, interesting and interactive. You will gain in confidence and they will learn quickly and effectively.

AIMS – an overview of the purpose of the programme

To enable learners to prepare, design, construct, deliver and evaluate high-impact* learning sessions.

* “High impact” has applications at both learner and organisational levels. At learner level it refers to the delivery of learning sessions which stimulate attention, enable learning to be maximised and meet objectives. At organisational level, learning must be pertinent to the organisational needs and enable learners to contribute directly to the organisation achieving its mission, vision and goals.

The course therefore develops the skills and techniques of the face-to-face learning facilitator and sets this within the context of the training cycle so that learners can see where the skills of the deliverer fit and how they contribute to the achievement of appropriate learning.

OBJECTIVES – the specific learning outcomes for participants

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the phases and stages of the training cycle and the role of those who design, develop and deliver learning sessions.
  • Name and explain the three domains of instructional learning objectives and distinguish between examples of each.
  • Write instructional learning objectives to meet previously identified training needs.
  • Select techniques and methodologies appropriate to the domains in which the instructional learning objectives are written.
  • Prepare session plans to achieve agreed instructional learning objectives and deliver those sessions within the context of an overall programme.
  • Conduct with confidence interactive, face-to-face sessions which recognise the prior learning and differences in participants’ learning styles and demonstrate achievement of the instructional learning objectives for each session.
  • Differentiate between evaluation, assessment and measurement and evaluate the impact on learners of learning sessions.
  • Give and receive properly structured, developmental feedback to and from fellow participants on their skills as facilitators of face-to-face learning.

This programme addresses the skills of face to face training delivery. If your role involves you more in liaison with the business line as an advisor/Internal Consultant then the Trainer as Business Partner may meet your needs more closely.

If you primarily want to build your presentation skills rather than the skills of the trainer then the Business Presentation Skills programme may be more suitable.

Duration: 4 Days